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Ready to break your limits?

What we are looking for:
Experienced. Accountable. Serious female models that are comfortable with all listed styles in our form.
We are open to all ethnicities and body shapes! ❤️

Applicants must have a VALID PASSPORT. Age 21+ preferred as we have upcoming international trips.
You may apply from any state!

If you have always wanted to be a model but have never participated in a shoot and would like guidance. This is not the right opportunity right for you at the moment.

Check out our most recent campaigns below.

What kind of contract is it?

Non-exclusive contracts. Duration varies.

what kind of projects do you have?

Our projects can range anything from an
e-commerce site for an all-new swimwear brand or established local business looking to do a promo video shoot. It really varies per client.

Do you have out of state work?

Yes. We have already completed campaign shoots in LA, Miami, Washington, Puerto Rico and obviously Chicago.

how will i know if there is a new project?

An email will be sent with project details including estimated shoot date, location, theme, links, and pay rate.

Is this paid?

All projects are paid opportunities. Compensation varies by clients budget and shoot type.

what is your role and what would be mine? (if chosen)

My role would be Project Director. Once a model is signed onto my HIRELUIS model team. They will be hired as an independent contractor for a project. (clients typically chooses the models they wish to move forward with)


Models must have a valid passport to receive consideration at this time.

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