Does your brand stand out?
responsive web design

Please view the e-commerce site that was designed featuring models that were scouted for this specific brand below.

brand photography

Please view the recent shoot & website that was done for a new perfume brand below. (Photos will be on display at the Macy's at the Ft. Lauredale/Miami area spring 2020)


I am crafting a package that will provide a model/influencer with monthly revenue for creating and posting original content for brands and businesses.

Are you one of Chicago's hidden gems?

If you are a Chicago-based model and always wanted to be featured on a website, promo video, marketing materials, or an all-new online store. This may be your chance! My goal is to be a one-stop shop for my clients. (Web design, Photography, Brand Management and Model Team)

What kind of contract is it?

Non-exclusive contracts. Duration varies.

what kind of projects do you have?

It can be an e-commerce project for an all-new swimwear brand or established local business looking to do a promo video shoot. It really varies per client.

Do you have out of state work?

Yes. I have already completed shoots in LA, Miami and obviously Chicago. I am making arrangements to do a photo & video shoot in Puerto Rico 2020. If you are able to travel that is a plus!

how will i know if there is a new project?

I would send an email with project details including estimated shoot date, location, theme, links, and pay rate.

Is this paid?

All projects are paid. Compensation varies by clients budget and shoot type.

what is your role and what would be mine?

My role would be Project Manager. Once a model is signed onto my HIRELUIS model team. They will be hired as an independent contractor for a project. (client can choose models)

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